Reason to be Grateful #5: Having a warm bed to sleep.

It was a cold winter night, and I could see from my window that it’s raining heavily outside. Frequent waves of chilling cold and the fearful roaring thunder. And all I could think was the contrast and irony of the two dilemmas.


On one side, before cuddling himself into his warm comforter, a dilemma arose for the rich man whether to switch ON the air conditioner as usual or not. On the other hand, the dilemma for the homeless was with using the plastic cover; to remain cold yet dry OR to be wet yet relatively warm.

A homeless man covers himself with plastic.


The vicious cycle:

Millions of people live in huts and homes with leaky ceilings. And the heavy rains make sure the poor who generally work tiring jobs during the day have no sleep at night. It’s even worse for families with babies at home because they easily wake up and start their siren. And in countries like India, whenever there’s heavy rainfall, most usually power-cuts entail . As if all of this isn’t enough, the stagnated water in puddles leads to a sudden increase in the mosquito population which invite diseases like malaria, dengue and other deadly mosquito-borne diseases. All of this cascades into a vicious cycle.


Most of the poor population live in low-lying areas, thereby causing rain water to enter their homes. Residents have to adapt and adjust to the enormous hardships of a life too often lived under water. Situations such as these make it extremely hard for the families to cook meals especially if they rely on firewood-fueled stoves. They have to force themselves to sleep cold, wet, hungry and being tortured by mosquitoes.


Therefore, the next time you snuggle in your bed with a dry and warm blanket, and even though it’s sometimes hard to believe, remember that you’re truly a very fortunate person.

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