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10 Reasons to be grateful if you’re able to read this !

Being able to read this in and of itself is a wonderful reason to be grateful for what you have in life.


You read that right!

I’m not being egotistical here nor saying that there’s a reason to be grateful just because you are fortunate enough to stumble upon this article.
And definitely not because it’s MY Blog that you’re reading.

The reason to be grateful, that I’m talking about goes beyond that.

Sometimes, the only way to know what to appreciate in your life is by reminding yourself that there are millions of unfortunate people who are having it much worse than you.

Think about it for a minute, 

What are the necessary and sufficient conditions to be fulfilled,

for YOU to be ABLE to read this?

If you are able to read this, it means that you are:


Ever slept so well you felt like you didn’t even exist the whole time you were asleep?

im alive

It feels great to wake up feeling “I’m alive”. Try asking people who were unconscious for a significant amount of time and they will tell you how humbling the experience is.

More than 1.5 Lakh people die each day, you have not been one of them for the past consecutive years of whatever your age might be.

2. Conscious and Healthy.

Being alive isn’t just enough, you ought to be conscious, not in a comatose state.

A healthy well-being is necessary to have the strength to read and process information when reading.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re a lot more privileged than all the millions of people around the world lying unconscious on hospital beds with no definite hope of waking up to see the world.

3. Able to SEE

Vision, I feel is one of the most underrated pleasures in life.
Blind people miss out on a lot of things which they can never imagine of knowing what they are missing out on.
You don’t even have a clue about what you’ve been blessed with.

reason to be grateful read this
Try living your daily routine in a blindfold for 24 hours and you’ll realize how challenging it really is for people who are blind.

It is even worse for people who weren’t born blind but lost their vision midway in life.

We often forget and how fortunate we are to SEE the beauty of our life and imagine it in great detail.

4. Mentally healthy.

If you’ve ever been to a mental asylum, you’ll immediately realize what I’m talking about.

Being sane and having a sound mind is probably the greatest asset we have in our life.

things to be grateful reading this
A sick patient going through a painful shock treatment.

The shock treatments the patients need to undergo, the medications that they take and the side effects that accompany them, all combine to make it a hell on earth as they lose their sense of self, identity, and clear thinking.

If you’ve watched ‘The Shutter Island’ or ‘One that flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ or ‘The Beautiful mind‘ you can immediately empathize with the mentally sick and it’s even worse for those that are wrongly convicted of being insane.
For more movies, that demonstrate the struggles of the asylum check here.

Most people can’t tell the difference between reality and delusion and sometimes the medications make it even worse.

Here’s a heart-touching scene from ‘The Beautiful mind’

Millions of people around the world with Autism, Alzheimer’s and many of the 200 and more mental illnesses and several other learning disorders which deprive the cognitive ability to read and understand this.

Try to visit an asylum near you and all your “problems” in life suddenly disappear as you realize how fortunate you really are to have a sound mind and clear thinking.

Our brains are super complex.
Our brains are super complex.

5.Not in chaos.

During floods, supplies of basic necessities, including water and food are hard to be obtained, let alone power supply or an internet connection.

Imagine you’re surrounded by flood water everywhere, with nowhere to go, soaked in wetness, desperately seeking a dry and warm shelter wishing and praying that the ghastly hour would pass as soon as possible.

Chennai floods 2015, source: dnaindia
Chennai floods, 2015. Source: dnaindia.

Hunger and thirst are natural companions amidst the chaos. Being sick during these times is really one hell of a situation to find yourself in.

6.Not deserted or trapped

source:incredible things
source:incredible things

If You’re able to read this, it means you’re not deserted like Chris McCandless or Aron Ralston or submerged underwater in a sunken ship for 3 days like Harrison Okene with no hope or sign of hope.

Rescue video of Harrison Okene who was found alive and trapped in a sunken ship for 60hrs!.

I can’t imagine what was going on in his mind those 3 days. TORTURE !

7. Being Literate.

More than 780 Million adults around the world above the age of 15, cannot read or write.

India alone has 283 million illiterates.

source: soschildrensvillages

Let it sink in for a moment.

Can you imagine not reading anything ever in your life?

Almost a billion people don’t even have an idea of what reading feels like. They don’t know the kind of knowledge they are missing in their life.

The poems, short stories, novels, blogs, magazines and all form of text media remains enigmatic to them.

It’s a truly sorry state to be in. Most of them can’t afford basic education, which in turn affects the way they live.

Illiteracy and poverty are a deadly combination that breeds terrorism. It forces the vulnerable and ignorant to rob for food, get trapped into anti-social groups like ISIS and Naxalism.

They can’t learn about health safety measures, personal hygiene and other things that improve their lifestyle.

Illiteracy also affects the economic condition of the families as they struggle to find employment and promotion in their work.

Illiteracy is a serious handicap that only the illiterate can truly understand.

8. Not in political turmoil/civil unrest.

civil war in egypt
A Civil war in Egypt.

Currently, there are at least 18 ongoing civil wars in different parts around the world.

Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries are still boiling in crisis.

Ask them what it’s like to wake up peacefully and go out for a morning walk without being afraid of their life.

Lifejackets used by refugees while crossing the Aegean Sea are thrown in a municipal waste disposal site in Lesbos, Greece. Source: Telegraph

There are still millions of refugees waiting to flee their countries of terror and violence.

9. Free speech

You’re able to read this NOT just because I could publish it; I wouldn’t be able to express my views if not for free speech.

For the most part of human history, exercising free speech could get you hanged or executed. Free speech was something unimaginable, something that people could only dream of in a far utopian society.

Here’s how we got to a society of free speech- the timeline of free speech.

Source :

Countries like North Korea, Cuba, Syria, and others have a strict internet censorship and a ban on free speech.

Living in a world where free speech is allowed is an under-estimated blessing and a huge reason to be grateful.

10. Not being bombed/ under attack.

Air strikes and bombing in Syria

A photo is worth a thousand words.

The expression on the man’s face tells it all. Holding and carrying his daughters in both arms, running for his life, not knowing where the next bomb might land.

Millions were displaced, hurt, and killed due to bombings and air strikes in countries like Syria.

The fact that you’re safe from those bombings is only because you’re lucky enough to be born in a different geographic location.

Syria faces a continual bombing of hospitals and public buildings with innocent civilians losing their loved ones and finding themselves in total chaos.

There are millions of people who would feel so fortunate to have your “bad days”



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